58 minutes | Nov 26, 2020

19 - The trauma of past generations

A child of alcoholics and grandchild of Holocaust survivors, Carly Israel faced her own addictions and self-hatred over the years. After she embarked on a journey of healing, Carly realized that her own struggles had a lot to do with generational trauma. What it is like to grow up in a family that went through one of the most horrific, traumatizing events of the world? Almost all of her family on her mother's side died during the Holocaust, leaving the next generations to come with residual trauma. This week, the Metamorphosis Podcast goes deep, personal and truly emotional.  Carly, the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, sits down with Nora, a German girl who's family fought in WWII.  Joined by Erin, the three dive into the dark history of humanity. With the result of a story of recovery and thoughtful reflection on generational trauma, gratitude, and forgiveness. 
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