57 minutes | Mar 1, 2016

Your Relationship With Money

We know that the path followed by generations before us (marry a high school sweetheart, stay in your hometown, have 3 kids, take over your parents business, keep the same job for decades, then retire and not outlive your money) is not quite our path. We might have been told to save by our parents. We may have been taught religion, home economics and math (which isn’t money) in school but are we ever really taught the life skills necessary for our own financial journey? How do we navigate our relationship to money if our instinctual behavior is to wait for external circumstances to force into making a decision? How destructive is the habit of waiting for “someday” to occur before we put a plan into action? What if we took the time to analyze our relationship to money as much as we discussed our current or past romantic relationships? We will explore how to identify your true philosophy to money and open the discussion for you to find success.
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