56 minutes | Apr 26, 2016

Potentially Human?

Potentially Human? A mission of humanization. br Alexandra Janelli & Aubrey Levitt started a company to help companies align with their mission and engage with customers in a powerful way. br We believe that companies, just like humans, thrive when they operate with integrity, intention and compassion. By humanizing your company it becomes easier to see who you are and how you show up in the world. br We start by asking, br IF YOUR COMPANY WAS A HUMAN WHAT WOULD HE/SHE BE LIKE? br This question led to the generation of our three step process that works on a conscious and subconscious level. The outcome? We help you identify who you are, your core values, and a set of belief systems so you can execute in alignment with your mission. In turn, consumers can easily identify if they want to be a part of your tribe. br Lastly, we ask that our companies serve as leaders, set an example, demonstrate integrity, and invite others to rise up because they are so inspired by your humanity.
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