3 minutes | Mar 10, 2021

The Lobster Effect and How Financial Advisers are Making the Same Mistake

Here’s one of the biggest mistakes Financial Advisers make that causes them to fail their Diploma and Advanced exams over and over again.You're busy.You’re productiveYou’re effective.You’re a Financial Adviser.And you’re on your own.You’re heroically managing your client portfolio, your business and your life.So you don’t really notice that little by little, the stress and exhaustion are just getting worse and worse. Until…You’re at boiling point.Now your health and sanity are at stake. And you just don’t have any spare capacity for taking on any more.You’re drowning.You know that to future-proof your career and your business, sooner rather than later, you need to get your Diploma or Advanced exams, to protect your family from the impact of losing your job or being left behind in the job market.But there’s no time for that now. It’ll have to wait until tomorrow. And when tomorrow never comes you find yourself in a cycle of worry and procrastination, after all, the most urgent and important job-looking after your clients, your business and your family - has to come first.But how will you ever get your head above water? Supposing there was an answer to your SOS? Supposing there was a quick and simple way of retaining what you study - beyond the exams - so that you become more knowledgeable and confident in your ability as an adviser to give the best service to your clients?And if that weren’t enough, supposing passing the exams was simply a case of turning up and answering the questions?And, supposing you could have absolute certainty in that being your future in just a couple of weeks from now?Would that be worth giving me a call to find out how it will work for you?If you think it’s about time you freed yourself from the misery of exam failure after exam failure, here’s what to do next…  Book a call and we’ll decide if and how I can help you achieve your goals the easy way and in the quickest time possible so you sail through every exam with a score of 80%Talk to me: https://genius-material.com/accelerator-discovery-call/
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