11 minutes | May 15, 2020

Learning Styles Hoo-Ha

What about this thing called learning styles? Some people say it’s a thing. Others say it’s not....So where does that leave us?And are we supposed to bear our own learning style in mind when we study?So many questions!Here are some of the answers!TRANSCRIPTIONLearning Styles Hoo-Ha!What about this thing called learning styles? Some people say it’s a thing. Others say it’s not. So, where does that leave us?Well, needless to say, I have something to say about it too, but before I do, I want to reassure you, I’m not making any of this stuff up! Genius Material has a tremendous track record. It works.It’s based on science, not some well-meaning but over-optimistic (and by the way, often profitable) nonsense!  We are still a long way off understanding how the brain works, but we’re a long way forward from where we were when I was doing biology A-level at school, most of which information about the brain we’ve long since chucked out. I was taught that you’re born with a full complement of brain cells, and that throughout your life you lose them, quicker or slower depending on how you use them (or abuse them!)  We now know that’s partly correct. In fact, in certain parts of the brain you will continue to create new brain cells and connections, providing you give your brain a reason to.So, let’s talk about the brain and learning styles. There’s a big hoo-ha out there in the education industry at the moment. You may possibly have caught wind of some of it. Some people say there’s no such thing as learning styles. And those people will refer to research to back up their claim. The trouble is, they’ve jumped on the old band wagon a little prematurely, and without checking the facts first. The research they point towards is actually looking the way teachers teach, rather than how individuals handle information. My view is (and that’s after working with real people, young and old, for decades) it’s nuts to suggest that we all process information exactly the same way. Instead, I suggest that you have very little say over how you’re presented with the information you need to learn. You’ll be told to watch a particular video, read a chapter, or listen to a lecturer…But you have total control of what you then do with that information to have it go into your head and afterwards stay there.Let me explain…More
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