27 minutes | Dec 22nd 2020

285 - Running a Membership over the Holidays – 6 Things You Should Do

How are you planning to run your membership over the festive season?

As a membership site owner, you have the freedom to choose how you run your membership all year round. However, the holidays present unique opportunities for producing content, running promotions, and taking the time to sit back and relax.

In this episode, I tell you the six things you can start doing now to plan for the holiday season. From what seasonal content to plan, to when to start thinking about next year, these six things will help you figure out how your membership can effectively navigate the festivities.

Essential Learning Points:

  • Which content types are perfect for the festive season
  • How to run a seasonal promotion
  • Why taking a break is essential to your membership’s success
  • How to prepare your members for your reduced availability
  • What to reflect on and how it can shape your membership’s future
  • How to start planning for the year ahead

Key Quotes:

“The holidays are a great time to run a promotional campaign, whether it's a discount, whether it's a promotion where you offer some bonuses, some sort of event marketing, like a summit or a challenge.”

“Even if you've got to force yourself to take some time off, know that time away is actually an extremely important investment in your business.”

“If you haven't hit your goals, or things haven't gone the way you want, that's business. That's life. A lot of the time, these goals are arbitrary, they’re guesses, they’re best estimates. So, don't dwell. Make a deliberate effort to focus on the positives from your year.”

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