47 minutes | Apr 19, 2017

32: Melanie Dreher PhD RN, talks about her groundbreaking studies of how cannabis affects pregnant mothers and their babies.

  In episode 32, I am very honored and excited to have Melanie Dreher, PhD, RN, FAAN as my guest on the medical pot guide. Melanie, as she likes to be called, describes herself as the unlikely combination of a nurse and anthropologist. She is a retired nurse educator who was the Dean and Professor of the College of Nursing at Rush University in Chicago, Illinois. She is a graduate, magna cum laude, of the Long Island University School of Nursing and holds a doctorate in anthropology from Teachers College and Columbia University where she completed her dissertation with distinction. In addition to her role as Dean, Melanie has had a distinguished research career as the principal investigator of several community-based studies examining the health and development of women and children in Jamaica. Her research interests also include cross-cultural studies of the health care systems, the organization and financing of community health care and the effects of substance use on the health, development and task performance in adults and children. Melanie’s research took place many years ago but it is now drawing a lot of attention with the growing movement to legalize cannabis. She is most known for her compelling, yet controversial, studies, looking at the effects of cannabis on the mothers and babies in Jamaica. She is now a very strong advocate for the legalization of cannabis. In this interview, Melanie talks in detail about her earlier studies in Jamaica which examined the effects of cannabis on it's working men, leading to the later long term studies where she focused on the effects of cannabis on pregnant women and their babies. This interview will give you a look inside the anti-cannabis government bureaucracy as she shares how and why the government shut down her studies. Melanie then shares how the medical community reacted to her study and why they have been so slow to embrace cannabis as a viable medical treatment. She ends the conversation by sharing her advice for women who may be considering cannabis to help them with their pregnancy. CLICK HERE to learn more about Melanie Dreher's research study. CLICK HERE to purchase Melanie Dreher's Books.  
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