77 minutes | Dec 10th 2017

Episode 21: The EPIC Impact Journal

This week, we flip the script and take you the launch of EPIC’s Impact Journal!  To kickoff the episode you’ll hear exclusive behind the scenes audio I secretly recorded and then we’ll chat with Katie and Taylor about their dream of an Impact Journal came to be.  We’ll then get to hear from the heart and soul of the Impact Journal, our author and designer, David and Andrea.  They’ll explain how they took our founders’ vision, and turned it into a 100+ page publication filled with inspiring stories and images.  


We’ll end the podcast with our normal interview, but this week’s guest is not just a Meatcast hero, he’s also one of the heroes featured in our Impact Journal!  We’ll chat with Jason Rowntree, professor of Animal Science at Michigan State University, and the man responsible for bringing Regenerative Ag to academia.  He and I cover

  • How he converted 70%+ of the meat served on campus, to local producers  and how teaching campus chefs to cook chuck roasts played a pivotal role
  • Why he refuses to villainize factory-farm beef producers and rather, how he gets them to buy-in to a more holistic model
  • What is it about a Tri-Tip steak that’ll save a marriage

Finally, throughout the episode, I explain how YOU as a loyal Meatcaster, can get your free copy of the Impact Journal, just for listening!

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