38 minutes | Apr 17, 2021

THE C-WORD | The McFuture Podcast

https://youtu.be/wgVvVoa-Byk In this episode – the penultimate in this social media mini-series – I reveal two of the biggest secrets behind cancel culture, who the real government is, and why the next President will be a good little boy or girl.  Also, please share the show with others, subscribe/comment on YouTube, and most important – review it on iTunes! This really helps with visibility. Thanks!  CONTENTS: 00:38​ The New York Times Daycare Center for Won-Percenters 08:36​ Kamikaze Saviors? 13:25​ The Softest Cancellation  15:40​ Dirty Secret of Facebook Groups   17:09​ Method = Principle  20:01​ Monopoly Insurrections Perks  26:48​ The Underlying Stupidity of Alternative Networks  28:14​ The Real Impeachment Powers  30:51​ The Oral High Ground on China  32:40​ Is #FreeSpeech​ a Civil Right?  35:26​ Disappear, Shakespeare!   (Links are to YouTube timestamps. You can watch the video here.) If you enjoy this, please like/share/review/subscribe on: YouTube, iTunes,  Spotify,  Google,  Stitcher,  TuneIn, RSS Support on Patreon for tons of member exclusives & pre-releases!
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