44 minutes | Sep 25, 2020

Patreon Peephole: Highlights from Recent Member-Only Episodes

A very special episode of Mistweeted featuring some awesome highlights from recent member-only episodes on Patreon. If you enjoy it, it’s only $5 a month to support the show. And please tell a friend!  CONTENTS:  Did Amazon Murder Publishers or Was It Suicide? Why TikTok is our Future How Your Blind Spots Hurt YOU Elon Musk’s Neuralink Killer Virus Portal Why Movie Theaters Will Never Go Bankrupt 🇨🇳 5 Ways To Be Productive in Your Sleep by Arianna Sleepington The Future is Auditioning [for Will Smith] The Problem With Virtual Countries The Case for Underreaction to Pandemic 2 Reasons Not To Save Small Businesses 5 Ways I Celebrated Bernie Sanders’s Birthday CLOUDY WITH A 7% CHANCE OF RIOTS! THE UGLY TRUTH BEHIND PUBLIC R&D THE INFECTION COVID KILLED Should You Pay Interns? Can Long-Term Stock Exchange Ensure Corporate Virtue? I’ll also release videos of these clips over the coming weeks on the IdeaFaktory TV YouTube channel subscribe with notifications so you don’t miss it.
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