36 minutes | Nov 1, 2020

…Entrepreneurs Are From Venus | Mistweeted by Steve Faktor # 7D | The McFuture Podcast

Killer Mistweeted edition of The McFuture podcast featuring wisdom & wisecracks about entrepreneurship, success and strategy for every entrepreneur, founder and freelancer. EPISODE CONTENTS (clickable timestamps): 00:04 Idea People vs Doers 01:16 How Eclecticism Kills Greatness 03:24 Heads. Must. Roll. 04:54 Employees Are From Mars, Entrepreneurs Are From Venus, Freelancers Are From Uranus 14:59 The One Question To Get What You Want 16:20 Why Only Repeat Business Is Good Business 17:56 Experience is the Last Line of Defense 19:06 BE INVISIBLE! 20:50 The Greatest Mystery In Business 21:35 Why Digital Businesses Raise Prices & Why They Shouldn’t 23:45 Will The Noise Innovators Please Stand Up? (Quietly) 24:30 YouTube’s New Creativity+Commerce Merger Could Be A Huge Opportunity 26:00 The Secret Power of Unglamorous Entreprenurs 30:35 American Alchemy 31:23 The Most Profitable Word in History 32:20 A Legit Instagram Business Model 34:09 The Only Entrepreneur I Hate, Hate, HAAAAAAAAAATE!!!! You can also watch this episode here. Become a Patreon supporter for lots of member exclusives!  Please share, subscribe & review the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, TuneIn or RSS in your favorite app.
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