47 minutes | Oct 28, 2020

Employees Are From Mars… | Mistweeted by Steve Faktor | The McFuture Podcast

Another action-packed Mistweeted edition of The McFuture podcast featuring wisdom & wisecracks about innovation, corporate work and the technology takeover. Part 2: “…Entrepreneurs Are From Venus” is already up for Patreon members. Join us and support the show! EPISODE CONTENTS (clickable video timestamps): 00:23 Westworld is REAL! 01:52 VC Brags 05:41 Woke VC’s!! 07:01 Zoomy & Intel’s High School Reunion 07:52 Meet ‘Tischy’ 09:10 Proof of Google’s Trust Apocalypse 12:52 The #Google Maps Addiction Theory 14:24 The New CelebritAI 15:59 Netflixing Towards The Matrix 17:07 Bad Branding Executions 18:53 Corporate Bystander Effect 21:21 Coinbase & The Apolitical Corporation 24:26 Remedial Business Hackery 25:24 Acronymphs LOVE CorporateSpeak 27:55 How All Art Dies 30:37 Every Corporation’s Holy Grail 31:24 Your True Self 33:49 The OTHER Facetime 36:23 Are You Exclusive AND Inclusive? 38:20 RIP Sweet Sizzler 40:14 The NBAnalytics Trap 42:20 Partial Patterns 44:20 The Book to Pundit Pipeline 45:29 Platitude Adjustment You can also watch this episode here. Become a Patreon supporter for lots of member exclusives!  Please share, subscribe & review the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, TuneIn or RSS in your favorite app.
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