62 minutes | Dec 1st 2020

ZombiCast: Duration of Dawn of the Dead [00:06:00] featuring Zombieland

Listener Discretion AdvisedMovies by Minutes-style coverage of George A. Romero’s horror masterpiece, researched by Diabolu Frank with archival footage throughout. This episode offers an overview of the career of David Crawford, the actor portraying Dr. James Foster.Bonus movie series review: Zombieland (2009) & Zombieland: Double Tap (2019).WGON TV (News Traffic Weather)Screenplay courtesy of HorrorLairDawn of the Dead novelization by George A. Romero and Susanna Sparrow published by Gallery BooksDawn of the Dead Audiobook as read by Jonathan Davis for Audible StudiosDawn of the Dead (Ultimate Edition) commentary excerpt courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment“L’alba Dei Morti Viventi” by GoblinDavid Crawford in “Poe’s Last Night” (Jan 13, 2014) from Voice of the Arts courtesy of WQED FMWINKYS CLASSIC TV COMMERCIALS FROM 1976 courtesy of doug brendelWeekend of Hell 2015 Q&A/Panel with Ken Foree, David Crawford [Dawn of the Dead] Friday HD 720p courtesy of TrashfellowAnimalZ courtesy of Moshe MahlerDAVID CRAWFORD – Actor (September 29, 2016) by Brian Edward courtesy of ‘Burgh VivantMeet Actor David Crawford from Dawn of the Dead with Gore De VolShort Interviews with David Crawford, Dawn of the Dead, Weekend of Hell 2019 courtesy of MovieCon Film- und Convention MagazinDavid Crawford | Horror-Nacht Delphin-Palast Wolfsburg | Zombie – Dawn of the Dead courtesy of Ash aus WOBFacebookrolledspinepodcasts@gmail.com@rolledspine#ZombiCastWordPress
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