25 minutes | Oct 22, 2020

Episode 4: Look Who’s Still Standing

After another all-nighter and a humiliating pitch meeting, Ora confronts Orson in his apartment and demands honesty, integrity, and transparency from here on out; lest the entire show falls apart.   Cast Ari Stidham as Orson Welles Keaton Talmadge as Ora Nichols Jim Brannigan as John Houseman Oscar Jordan as Davidson Taylor Courtney Reece as Anne Froelick Christopher Hodge as Howard Koch Rama Vallury as Paul Stewart   Produced by: Casey Hammons Daniel Patton Jordan Stidham S. Christian Roe   Sound Editing by Jason Crowe   Original Compositions by JD O’Dea   Supplemental tracks and sound effects were provided by EpidemicSound.com. “There You’ll Be” by Howard Harper-Barnes “Steps in Time” by Golden Age Radio
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