21 minutes | Nov 8th 2018

Pick One Thing and Make It Your B***H

Do you feel overwhelmed with things you need to do for events and projects that come your way? On today's episode, Mick and Claire talk about how they handle those things in their life. Listen in as Claire teaches you one strategy to help you get through it without overwhelming yourself.  


 “It’s so easy, when you get a giant project and you know that you have to get at the other end of it...  to look at it and completely freak out.” 

-Claire Olinik  



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1:48 - Warrior Week and Mick’s anxiety about it 

4:03 - Claire’s funny story on one of her speech and how to overcome overwhelm 

13:00 - Preparation list for Christmas 

15:24 - Setting goals and targets and making a list 

19:43 - Question to reflect on 




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