1 minutes | Apr 20, 2021

Trailer: Welcome to The Marketing Umbrella Podcast!

Hi … and Welcome to The Marketing Umbrella Podcast!If you the owner of a local marketing agency who is looking to grow your business, OR maybe you are an entrepreneur looking to build an agency, then you would love The Marketing Umbrella Podcast!In each episode, we interview leading digital marketing experts and sales gurus – and I’m talking about LEADING …They will share their story and provide advice in the form of practical tactics you can put in place to grow your sales … break the noise … scale … and provide better value – OR in short, grow your agency.I’m your host, Mr. Itamar Shafir, CEO of UMBRELLA, the technology platform and brand that is powering thousands of marketing agencies globally. I have built my business by learning from super-successful people, and I want to introduce you to other people who can help YOU, too.
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