32 minutes | Jul 8th 2020

Why Renting an Email List Isn’t As Shady As It Sounds – Doug Morneau

If you’re an ethical marketer, you know that buying an email list is considered “shady” and Email Service Providers such as MailChimp won’t allow you use use purchased lists on their platform. But Doug Morneau is here to explain that renting an email list is much different, and how it can help you reach more of your ideal, targeted customers.

To break it down in its simplest form, email list rental – also known as “sponsored mail” – is really just another form of influencer marketing. It’s just one more way of allowing your brand/product/company to reach potential customers via their email inbox that fit a certain demographic that they’ve already shown interest in. You’re gaining a one-time right to contact them, but it’s the email list owner who conducts the actual mailing for you.