28 minutes | Aug 11, 2021

Using "Small Data" to Improve Your Marketing Results

Everybody has access to data, it's all around you. You're probably sitting on it and don't realize it. With the internet, there's data everywhere, so it's just a matter of going out and finding it and using it. Data mining allows businesses to collect a pile of not only interesting but very useful data, that can be used to help with growth as well as helping to determine what is and isn’t working with their current products and/or marketing strategies. This data can be very useful when it comes to finding patterns, changes, or anomalies that you may not have been aware of but can use to your advantage.   Janelle Hailey explains what tools she uses at Olika to find this important data, and how she’s used it to help the brand and products align with what their mission represents, and how they’re giving their customers what they want by better understanding their behavior. 
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