41 minutes | Apr 28, 2020

AIESEC Life Turnaround Precedents - Vitor de Avelar - Crossover

Guests: Vitor de Avelar, and Dagan Bora.  How do you lead with your values when the chips are down - and can you?  When and how do you let people go in tight times?  Vitor shares his story of managing a Brazilian business during a recession and navigating a tricky legal situation with employees.  Vitor currently supports organizations and teams adapting to change and complex transformations.

This episode is a crossover from a project produced in collaboration by two AIESEC Alums with AIESEC Life to share turnaround precedents.  It is a series of interviews and best case practice discussions with business leaders that took risks and delivered successful outcomes through trying circumstance and Recession.  Links to engage: aieseclife.org, and aiesec.org . #buildbettertogether #change #culture #peopleplanetprofit #globalgoals

Music by Alex Bochel; https://soundcloud.com/alex-bochel and alexbochelmusic@gmail.com

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