76 minutes | Jun 18th 2019

Ep. 37- SOLO HNTR & Shadowtrekker: Talking with Tim Burnett & Charles Whitwam

We are joined today by our famous friends; Tim Burnett of SOLO HNTR and Charles Whitwam of Shadowtrekker Adventures. We are talking to both of them about all things solo hunting and filming! Both of our guests are extremely accomplished hunters who are simultaneously very talented content creators. Anyone familiar with filming hunts knows the unique challenges that filming yourself presents, so we talked about some of those, as well as some of nitty gritty business details associated with starting, and maintaining, a hunting media brand. We then ventured into the topic of social media, everyone's favorite hunts (lots of awesome stories in here!), and some gnarly pack out stories. Finally we end the roundtable on a very important discussion about what to keep in mind safety wise as a solo hunter. Listen in for an educational and entertaining show! If you would like to get your eyes, or ears, on more of Tim or Charles check out their websites and social media platforms! You can also find episodes of SOLO HNTR on Amazon Prime!    Find Tim Here: Website: www.solohntr.com Instagram: @SoloHNTR Facebook: @SoloHunterTV YouTube: Solo HNTR   Find Charles Here: Website: www.shadowtrekkeradventures.com Instagram: @ShadowtrekkerAdventures Facebook: @ShadowtrekkerAdventures YouTube: Shadowtrekker Adventures   And you can keep up with us here: Website: www.thecommunityshow.tv Instagram: @TheCommunityShow Facebook: @TheCommunityShow YouTube: The Community Show
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