182 minutes | Feb 25th 2019

Ep. 35- Charles Whitwam on The Drunk Hunter Podcast

The Drunk Hunter Podcast is BACK! Charles Whitwam was up at the ranch, so we poured a couple glasses of whiskey and talked about hog hunting, life, politics, religion, basically all the things you're not supposed to talk about in hunting camp. We could put a list of everything we talked about, but that would be too long, and frankly, we don't want to type that many words. To summarize a smattering of the topics covered: Hogs, public land hog hunting, deer hunting, elk hunting, a hunting mindset, aliens, the universe, politics, religion, individualism, turkey hunting, coffee shops, millennials, you know, the usual subjects. Tune in for a good time, informative discussion, and the usual antics you expect from one of our shows!
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