61 minutes | Feb 5th 2019

Ep. 34- Elias Ruiz w/ Feather-Raft

We had the pleasure of having Elias Ruiz in studio to talk about his Feather-Raft. The Feather-Raft is a lightweight, stable, super bouyant platform that is ideal for a wide variety of water based activities. Weighing in at 70 lbs, and having a carrying capacity of over 600lbs, this raft is the perfect solution for people who want a simple, easy, no hassle way of getting them and their gear on the water. We wanted to get an in depth look at the product, how it is made, where the inspiration came from, and what its ideal uses are. We had a great time talking to Elias, and we know you guys will enjoy a look at this new, innovative product. If you would like more information on these rafts, or want to purchase one for yourself, get in touch with Elias on one of his social channels below.  Website: http://www.feather-raft.com Instagram: @feather_raft Facebook: Feather-Raft YouTube: Coalface173
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