68 minutes | Nov 14th 2018

Ep. 32: Kevin Vella: Talking Turkeys with a NWTF Biologist

We stuffed this episode on turkeys so full of information you might as well serve it for Thanksgiving dinner! We are talking with Kevin Vella, who is a biologist for the National Wild Turkey Federation. We cover a very wide range of topics, all of which will certainly come in handy for all of you turkey hunters out there. We cover the types of turkeys we have here in California, the age old altitude question, and what makes good turkey habitat, and get an expert opinion on what to look for when it comes to hunting and scouting for the elusive wild gobbler. We also talk to Kevin about what the NWTF is doing to enhance and promote turkey hunting in the field, among the populace, and in the halls of legislature and public policy. Make sure you listen to this episode before you get out in the field to get after those longbeards!  For more information go follow the NWTF at any of their following social channels: Website: www.nwtfcalifornia.com Facebook: NWTF-California  Instagram: @nwtf_california
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