61 minutes | Jun 29th 2018

Ep. 29- Dissecting AB-2805 w/ Charles Whitwam of Shadowtrekker Adventures

Recently there has been a lot of talk surrounding California Assembly Bill 2805. This is a bill that proposes some changes to the regulations and procedures surrounding the hunting and management of wild pigs. Our guest, Charles Whitwam sits down to talk with us about his concerns with the bill. He is particularly concerned about the Humane Society of the United States' involvement in a particular section of AB-2805. Charles has done quite a bit of research, talked to many people and advocate groups, and has a ton of interesting information to share. If you are a hunter in California this bill should be something you are informed on, and interested in. Give this podcast a listen, do some of your own research, and get involved.  Bill Text: AB-2805 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go Find Charles and Shadowtrekker Adventures online: Instagram Facebook Youtube www.lockwoodhuntingservices.com/
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