59 minutes | May 2nd 2018

Ep. 25- THE Larry D. Jones- Talking with a Bowhunter Hall of Fame Inductee

Today we have on a very special guest, Larry D. Jones. Larry is an expert bowhunter, and a good friend of ours. He grew up deer hunting with his family, picked up a bow at the age of 20, and the rest is history. His hunting excellence earned him a spot in the Bowhunters Hall of Fame, which is to say that he is far and above an one of the foremost experts in the field of bowhunting. Over the course of his illustrious career as a bowhunter, outdoor writer, and video producer he was also one of the pioneers of elk calling, and also of hunting video and videography. Larry has a passion for hunting, and also for teaching, showing and sharing that passion with others. If you have every picked up a bow, or have even thought about it, you need to listen to this podcast. Larry is a fantastic friend, a wealth of knowledge, and this show is packed full of information, stories, and all around good times!   To Find Larry's Elk Fever, and other video's, follow this link: http://www.pointblankcalls.com/product-category/dvd/ The video textbook Larry recommended: https://www.amazon.com/Bare-Bones-Camera-Course-Video/dp/1621535266  
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