85 minutes | Apr 19th 2018

Ep. 24- The Drunk Hunter Edition w/ TJ Downes

We thought we would try combining a podcast with a bottle of bourbon just to see what would happen. What you are about to listen to is the result. We call it the Drunk Hunter Edition of the Mark Grupe Outdoors Podcast, and we think you are going to enjoy it (we certainly had a good time recording it!). Our very first guest on this new, experimental podcast is TJ Downes. TJ is very involved in the California Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, and as such, an avid turkey hunter. He was up at the ranch scouting for turkeys for a youth hunt he is planning with the NWTF. We can't list everything we talked about in our bourbon fueled conversation, but here are the basics. We covered some turkey hunting, elk hunting, Libertarianisn, social media, the news, hog hunting, and much much more. Come hang out with us as we have a good time and talk hunting! PS: If you are so inclined, this podcast has a video version that you can feast your eyes on. Find it on our YouTube Channel! www.youtube.com/c/thecommunityshow  
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