52 minutes | Jul 1, 2019

Two: The Boys on Fighting on Boats

Welcome to episode two of the Man-ime podcast, the anime podcast where we can't simply let people like what they like.  Tired of anime podcasts being zero stakes affairs where people just parrot their opinions on things or simply read a list of news articles?  So are we.  Every week, Max Degeneracy, Jacco Macaco, and Sherb review an anime competitively, with you, the viewer, deciding who wins and who loses.  The winner gets to choose a punishment for the loser.  This week, the shows reviewed are Dante's Inferno, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, and Ninja Scroll.  Vote below!  We want to start this show off with a bang, so the votes will be counted at the beginning of episode 4, which will feature a triple threat of punishments from episodes 1-3.   Loading...
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