140 minutes | Feb 13, 2020

Man-ime Plays: Fiasco "De Medici"

And now for something somewhat different.We know that there's been a metaphorical desert in terms of Man-ime content, and we apologize for that.  We are currently trying to retool our show and make it more viable for us to put out a show weekly. (An anime per person, per week is just not tenable for us currently)  In the meantime, we are giving you a glimpse at another one of the hosts' degenerate hobbies: pen and paper rpgs!  In this case, we're playing Fiasco, specifically the De Medici playset, a playset set in Italy during the Renaissance and Age of Exploration.  We hope this will tide you over until we can get everything together for the main show.We are aiming to get the Man-ime Podcast Season 2: Arcade Edition up and running before the end of February.
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