85 minutes | Sep 8, 2019

Eight: The Boys on Contests

The Man-ime Podcast is back, better than ever, and still, the only podcast where we can't simply let people like what they like.  In this episode, two punishments are fulfilled, we experience a change to format, discuss the merits of crossing the fence, and we as always review 3 shows: Getter Robo: Armageddon, Inuyashiki, and Vinland Saga.As always, you can vote below.Also, for the first time, we are announcing a contest!  Answer the following question by tweeting to @JMaccoco and you will win the complete collection of Black Blood Brothers!  The question is: In the anime, Vinland Saga, the sequence of events from the maga are altered; what episode of the Vinland Saga anime is chapter one of the Vinland Saga manga?  Remember, tweet your answer @JMaccoco to win!And don't forget to vote below:Loading…
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