34 minutes | Jan 9th 2018

How One Weekly Email Can Change Everything

We all need a little inspiration sometimes.  Motivation to be better tomorrow than we were today. Or simply motivation to keep moving forward. 

Today, I'm chatting with Robert Glazer, Founder of Acceleration Partners (one of the top affiliate marketing agencies). Each week, Robert sends his employees and 25,000 people on his list, an email called Friday Forward. 

His goal? To inspire people to become better versions of themselves. To live with no regret and to seize the day. 

Before you start rolling your eyes, these aren’t your typical stories of inspiration or motivation. Someone once told Robert that his stories aren’t “Chicken soup for the soul. They’re more like spicy chicken soup for the soul.”

Robert would agree.

The stories are real. Stories from real people or even personal stories from Robert's own life. No matter where they originate, each story has a way of burying itself into your psyche and scratching at the door of personal growth. 

What You’ll Hear
  • Robert shares some of his favorite Friday Forward stories
  • We’ll talk about the importance of core values and knowing what you want.
  • The power of saying no
  • His unique approach to workplace culture

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