55 minutes | Jan 28, 2020

Becoming a Make-Up Artist with Celia Evans

Series 1 - Episode 3. Cherrie manicures and chats to Make-Up Artist, Celia Evans. Celia talks about the importance of assisting, finding your own style and choosing the right agent for you. She takes us on her journey through the many avenues of make-up artistry and explains how and why she chose to be the freelance artist she is today. This is an absolute must-listen for any creative!@celiaevansmakeupOne RepresentsCherrie-Picks - 20% off when you use code: PODCASTNB: UK Delivery only at this time : ) Get in Touch!@cherriesnow @themanicuretableEmail: manicure@cherriesnow.comCover Illustration by Zoe Georgiou @zoedrawsfashionSponsored by Bio Sculpture nail care at renewbeauty.co.uk
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