69 minutes | Apr 9, 2020

Becoming a Fashion Model with Danielle Littleford

The Quarantine Series - Episode 1. Cherrie chats to Fashion Model, Danielle Littleford from her London home, just before the UK went into lockdown. Danielle talks about living in Birmingham and Wales, working nights at a petrol station, experiencing bullying and moving to London to make it as a model. She also shares her difficult childhood years in care and how she wants to improve the system. But Danielle insists it’s not a sob story, it's simply her story and it's what's made her who she is today.Danielle Littleford @daniellelittlefordMother Agent LDN - LA @londonmodelscoutPremier Model Management @premiermodelsA Management @amanagementdeCherrie-Picks - 20% off when you use code: PODCASTNB: UK Delivery only at this time : ) Get in Touch!@cherriesnow @themanicuretableEmail: manicure@cherriesnow.comCover Illustration by Zoe Georgiou @zoedrawsfashionSponsored by Bio Sculpture nail care at renewbeauty.co.uk
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