33 minutes | Nov 17th 2020

Master Any Conflict Situation

Being nice and kind doesn't mean that you'll be spared from conflict. Facing conflict and opposition is part of being human and part of working with other people. In this episode, we go all in and you'll walk away knowing...What the 3 phases of conflict areWhy we don't all react the same way in conflict and how understanding this will shift the way you perceive other people in conflictThe 3 critical questions you have to ask yourself first before trying to resolve conflict with someone elseThe 5 specific steps to masterfully lead and resolve any conflict situationWhat we discuss in this episode will help you not only in your relationships at work but equally in your relationships with family and friends.Gathering these insights and developing strong conflict resolution skills before you find yourself in the midst of the next heated argument is so important. From the bottom of my heart, I invite you to watch this episode and take tons of notes!- RESOURCES MENTIONED -Leadership Circle: https://www.ramonashaw.com/leadership-circle
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