24 minutes | Jan 19th 2021

How to Have Difficult Conversations that Inspire and Motivate - An Interview with Aleta Maxwell

In December, I checked out my podcast stats to see which topics seemed to resonate most with all of you. Here are the top 3 episodes of 2020:Navigating Difficult Conversations at Work  (Episode 6)Delegating More Often & More Effectively (Episode 7)How to Negotiate a Pay Raise (Episode 26)Clearly, navigating difficult conversations is top of mind for so many of you. And I'm in the same boat as you :-)So when I met the amazing Aleta Maxwell, a leadership coach and consultant, a couple of weeks later and saw that she wrote a book about navigating difficult conversations I simply couldn't resist... I had to invite her to The Manager Track podcast and share more about this very important topic with you. And so today, I'm thrilled to share our conversation in this week's episode. You'll walk away knowing...The most common mistakes people make when it comes to difficult conversations and what to do insteadWhat "FBI" stands for in this context and how to use this framework to nail your conversationsHow working remotely has made it even harder to address difficult topics How to manage your emotions as you engage in difficult conversationsAnd much more!- RESOURCES MENTIONED -Aleta's website: https://upliftingleadership.com/Aleta's book on AmazonAccess to the workbookSimon Sinek's FBI framework
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