38 minutes | Oct 10th 2016

Megan Mondays - Episode 010 - Anime Weekend Atlanta

Megan and Pancho just attended one of their favorite conventions together for the second time. As suspected, it was a blast. Listen in to find out all about the convention, it’s guests, events, and so much more! Bonus Link: Megan with Drake and Josh If you want to follow Pancho online, you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube! Follow Megan online for more scatterbrained shenanigans. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube We still want love! Please subscribe/rate/review us on the platform of your choice…iTunes or Stitcher. Also…say hi! We don’t bite! We’re on Twitter (@manapauhana, or use the hashtag #808mph) and Facebook, so be our friend!
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