30 minutes | Sep 5th 2016

Megan Mondays - Episode 007 - The Killing Joke

Megan and Pancho are back again and this time they’ve just gotten back from seeing DC’s newest animated flick, The Killing Joke. (Okay, not just got back, but they had just gotten back when they recorded this) Unfortunately they don’t have many good things to say, even though they went into the movie with high(ish) hopes. Listen in to find out why and to also hear some dumb, unrelated stories. If you want to follow Pancho online, you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube! Follow Megan online for more scatterbrained shenanigans. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube We still want love! Please subscribe/rate/review us on the platform of your choice…iTunes or Stitcher. Also…say hi! We don’t bite! We’re on Twitter (@manapauhana, or use the hashtag #808mph) and Facebook, so be our friend!
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