17 minutes | Apr 6, 2021

Passive Income 2021: The Truth About Making Passive Income Online

I want to expose some fu##ery that's going on in the online business and digital marketing space that's going on out there about false information on how to start an online business.

I've seen so many conversations with women coaches who are spending much time creating low-ticket offers and uploading them to websites, only to barely make money for their offers. Many of you are being sold a pipe dream about making passive income online. That is wrong information that people are putting out there, even from significant players in the digital marketing space.

Today, we're going to be breaking down numbers and talk about using business common sense and business strategy. You'll learn the truth of making passive income online and what it takes to start and run an online business, and what you need to put in place to scale your online business.

Listen in to find out how you can charge high ticket dollar prices and how to advertise your business on Facebook to get enough data to use and make more money through your advertising budget. In this episode, I dive into how to make passive income online, including:

  • Making passive income with low priced point produces
  • How to be successful making passive income
  • Passive income online for beginners
  • What digital marketers aren’t telling you passive income

For more information, visit the show notes at https://www.amandaabella.com/passive-income-2021-the-truth-about-making-passive-income-online

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