64 minutes | Dec 3rd 2020

The Mac & Forth Show 263 - One Times Three

Has it been a week already? Alan, Dean, Steve and Karl assemble once again to discuss their Apple-related week. Apple One’s charges didn’t go quite to plan and Karl has the headache to prove it. Alan took advantage of the Black Friday deals and taught himself a few things. Dean is already listening to Kuo and dreaming of next year and Steve shared some ‘System Extension’ funny business regarding the new M1 Macs. All this and loads more on this weeks episode. CONTACT THE SHOW: I really would appreciate it if you could take a few moments and submit a review in iTunes. I won’t ply you with adverts, just a little review is all I ask…go on, you know you want to really, don't ya? The Mac & Forth Show Patreon Page. This Month's Wonderful 'The One with the Shout Out' Funders: Teresa Hummel, Steven Leach, Matt Barton, Ron Poyotte, Gordon Jackson, Paul Beattie, Jane, Alan, Martin Meadows-Evans, Frank Jacobsen, Keith Yarbrough, David Dean, Stephen Elliot, Barry Gentleman and David Renfree. Also, thank you to all our contributors for other donations. Your support is always greatly appreciated.  Or help via PayPal. Subscribe to us on:  iTunes Overcast Pocketcast TuneIn Radio Stitcher   Contact us via Twitter, or follow us on Instagram or join our Facebook group. or like our Facebook page. or view our Website or via Apple News or YouTube   Please visit our Merchandise Store   Theme Music: Russ Clewett
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