55 minutes | Feb 16th 2021

102. "More Than A Moment," w/Kelli Caughman

Kelli Caughman is a mother, wife, and a leading Black advocate in the Down syndrome community. Not only is she the Black Families Director for the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network, she created the Black Family Village in Indiana and serves on the board of Gigi’s Playhouse in Indiana. We’re so thankful for everything Kelli brings to our DS community and we’re especially grateful she’s joining us for another important conversation during Black History Month. Today, we’re exploring the reasons behind the lack of diversity on social media, the mental strain on Black advocates over the past year, and tangible steps to take towards becoming anti-racist. It’s time to listen, learn, and engage in relationships with people who are different from you online and IRL. -- Keep up with Kelli Caughman Instagram: @momof3kellic Podcast: Unmastering Motherhood DSDN Black Families Network Listen to our previous episode with Kelli Caughman here. Check out her IG post we discussed during the episode here. You don’t want to miss this one! LET’S CHAT Email hello@theluckyfewpodcast.com with your questions and Good News for future episodes. HELP US SHIFT THE NARRATIVE Interested in partnering with The Lucky Few Podcast as a sponsor? Email hello@theluckyfewpodcast.com for more information! CHECK OUT HEATHER’S NEW BOOK Preorder “Different, A Great Thing To Be” by Heather Avis --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theluckyfewpod/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theluckyfewpod/support
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