34 minutes | Oct 8, 2017

#22 David and Belinda

David and Belinda were part of each other's worlds before they even met. David would ride his bike to and from work in Pleasantville, NJ and Belinda would occasionally wave to him, a passing stranger, as she drove by. It so happened that they worked for the same company and later met at a training event at work. Although Belinda was initially reluctant, they eventually began dating and then got married in 1985. The couple has 3 children; the two oldest are from a previous relationship of David's and the youngest is Belinda's biological daughter, whom David eventually adopted. In this episode of the Loving Project, David and Belinda discuss the ways in which their relationship has broadened their understanding, what they've learned about cultural differences, and how their unique personalities and backgrounds come together to create a balanced relationship. You can get the latest updates about the podcast by following The Loving Project on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter or by visiting our website, LovingProject.com
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