60 minutes | Jan 22, 2014

Pat Flynn Discusses Transparency & Goal Setting – LML10

In this episode of Lovemade Lifestyle, I interview six figure blogger Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.  Thrown into the world of full time blogging back in 2008, when he was laid off from his job as an architect, Pat is walking truth that you can live profitably from your passion.   In addition to blogging, Pat is an author, podcaster, and a speaker.  How does such a busy man keep it all together?  Make sure to listen as Pat discusses transparency & goal setting with us. Pat is definitely considered a thought leader in blogging.  His level of transparency & authenticity enables him to connect with people from all backgrounds, affording him a very loyal tribe of readers.  There is no doubt that the loyalty of his tribe has contributed to Pat's enormous success as an affiliate marketer. There is much to be learned from Pat, being that he has experience selling his own products (ebooks & courses) and has reaped tremendous profits from the affiliate commissions of the products he recommends.  Despite his level of success, Pat is an extremely humble individual who prides himself on being a husband and father foremost. Here are some of the topics Pat Flynn & I discussed: The emotions Pat felt when he created his first information product The importance of picking the right affiliate program The fan that made Pat cry How Pat stays organized & accomplishes his goals What Pat would do differently if he were to start blogging today This was one of my longest interviews, but we had SO MUCH to cover.  Tune in and get schooled by Pat!  Digging the positive vibes? Want to hear more from today's movers & shakers? Click here to subscribe to my mailing list Sound Off:  What would you do w/a monthly 6 figure income?  What was your biggest take-away from this interview? Catch Pat at http://smartpassiveincome.com  
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