26 minutes | Apr 6, 2021

(238) Can I still love my body and want to lose weight through Intuitive Eating with guest expert Stephanie Dodier

This episode is for those of you who have been on your Food Peace Journey for awhile. You've shifted the morality of health and radically rejected diets. But, there's a but. Do you find yourself yearning for your smaller body and wonder how all of that desire fits? Let's examine how your brain is processing all this with guest expert Stephanie Dodier. Subscribe and leave a review here in just seconds. This episode of The Love Food Podcast is brought to you by my Pop Up PCOS Podcast---Live only through the month of April. It focuses on how to live with and manage PCOS cravings. Get access to this private podcast here. Thank you for you supporting the Love Food Podcast! Show Notes: Julie Dillon RD blog The PCOS + Food Peace Free Roadmap The PCOS + Food Peace Course Link to get latest Food Peace Syllabus. 6 Keys To Food Peace Conquer and Thrive Program - The mindset approach Going Beyond The Food Podcast Roadmap Non-Diet Mentorship Professional Program Free Non-Diet Intake Form for Professionals Stephanie on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StephanieDodiernutrition/ Stephanie on Instagram:https://instagram.com/stephdodier Stephanie on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephaniedodier/ Submit your Dear Food letter here or https://forms.gle/pepKRGPC8JbHLHHn8 Julie on Instagram: Instagram.com/FoodPeaceDietitian Find Eating Disorder Dietitians near you. Do you have a complicated relationship with food? I want to help! Send your Dear Food letter to LoveFoodPodcast@gmail.com.  Click here to leave me a review in iTunes and subscribe. This type of kindness helps the show continue!
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