29 minutes | May 18th 2020

EP 99- Craig Fisher Talks About Technological Innovations In HR

Craig Fisher is, by most accounts, one of the most influential people in the world of HR and recruiting and is a much sought-after speaker at conferences. Currently, he’s the head of recruiting innovation for Allegis Global Solutions. In this episode of The Lorne Epstein Show, Fisher talks about some of the latest innovations in digital branding. As a founder of TalentNet, he was involved in the first Twitter chats for recruiters, which took place more than 10 years ago. “Everyone would have their cocktails and we’d tweet about what they’re drinking.” And another participant would tweet out a playlist from Pandora “so that we could all listen to the same music at the same time.” The chat eventually became a podcast and “then it also became a conference,” according to Fisher.


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Podcast Hosted by Lore Epstein

Produced by John Ogulnik

Audio Engineering by Afotey Odai

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