26 minutes | May 11th 2020

EP 98- David Rivel on Telling a Great Story About Working at Your Company

It’s your dream job. The pay and benefits are good. But you aren’t sure about the workplace culture. What do you do? David Rivel, co-founder of PathMotion, figured the best messengers are company employees. PathMotion is a platform that allows prospective employees to  engage with current employees to learn about the workplace and to hear about their career stories. David Rivel’s advice to employers is to “be open and honest and speak [to prospective employees] about the challenges” your company faces. He drives home the point that “at the end of the day when you think about employer branding” it should be “about convincing the right people that you are the employer of choice [while] repelling the wrong people.”  Rivel believes authenticity is critical to these goals, and that “candidates are going to trust a company’s response with some mistakes” over “a nicely crafted corporate answer.”


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Podcast Hosted by Lore Epstein

Produced by John Ogulnik

Audio Engineering by Afotey Odai

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