32 minutes | May 4th 2020

EP 97 - Andrew Gadomski tells us how to use analytics and automation in recruiting

In 2006, when Andrew Gadomski realized how much time companies wasted on using data analytics they didn’t understand, he founded Aspen Analytics (then known as Aspen Advisors). Now the firm’s Managing Director and Chief Advisor, Gadomski says, “We've surrounded ourselves with data so much that we naturally want to analyze it, even something as simple as how we manage our fitness, how we manage our eating habits, how we travel,” adding that “the ability to capture said data and visualize it has become a lot easier in the past decade.” He says this is the type of work most analysts do for marketing, operations, advertising around making spend decisions, making larger decisions around production.  We just don't tend to do it that often in recruiting and it's harder to do in employment after someone gets hired, but the velocity of data inside recruiting is big and fast.” Gadomski says one key to successful recruiting is knowing the best time to approach people, whether it’s a job anniversary or after they received a bonus at their current job. The Wall Street Journal regularly calls on Gadomski for his on global employment and labor issues and he is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide.


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Podcast Hosted by Lore Epstein

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