45 minutes | Apr 27th 2020

EP 96 - George LaRocque: The Best Recruiting Technology Stack For Your Company

 George LaRocque is the founder and Principal Analyst for HR Wins, a firm that works with clients on the latest HR trends and technologies. He also publishes HRWins Research, which reports on workforce trends and innovations in technology.  His focus is on the users and developers of HR technology. LaRocque says it’s “overwhelming,” with “hundreds of new vendors entering the market, new technologies entering the market and these are all start-ups at different stages.” He adds that legacy vendors are also putting out new products. “You have so many choices today in any given step in the recruiting process…. what you really have to do is step back,” LaRocque says. “It’s not really about the technology, but what am I trying to accomplish.”


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Podcast Hosted by Lore Epstein

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Audio Engineering by Afotey Odai

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