27 minutes | Apr 20th 2020

EP 95 - How to Create an Effective Employment Brand with Alyssa Gioscia

Alyssa Gioscia, Senior Client Success Manager for CareerArc, helps clients automate hiring procedures so they can save time and money. She says CareerArc aims to help companies automate “where a human doesn’t really need to exist.” To accomplish this, she says “We’re looking at making the HR funnel more like the sales funnel, where it’s automated at the top….” Among the tools CareerArc offers are automated job listings; a tool called “Engage,” which allows companies to build out custom content; and “candidate care,” which allows employers to follow-up with and stay in touch with job candidates they didn’t hire. Gioscia says their goal is “to create a good story around [a client’s] brand,” adding that “anything that makes you stand out from the crowd because right now you're dealing mostly with passive candidates.” Gioscia has worked in strategic marketing for more than 10 years, working with clients involved in health care, hospitality, retail and engineering.


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Podcast Hosted by Lore Epstein

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Audio Engineering by Afotey Odai

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