29 minutes | Mar 29th 2020

EP 92 - Smart Phones, Jobs and Videotape: Using Social Media to Attract Job Candidates With Abby Cheesman

Lorne and Abby Cheesman, co-founder and CFO of Skill Scout, talk about how you can make free videos that will engage job candidates and help them learn about your workplace by bringing jobs to life.  And it’s relatively simply. Abby says all you need is “a smartphone, a microphone to get good audio, a way to stabilize your shot, and then you can produce videos that are much higher quality than you might think". Here’s one of her pro video tips: "flip your camera horizontally as it captures double the resolution." Abby says that "Candidates want to hear stories from behind the scenes; they want to see a typical day," she says. Lorne and Abby also talk about the best questions to ask employees when creating videos.  Her favorite question, she says, is "what surprised you most about this job?" Abby says based on their research "people watch the video for about a minute and 36 seconds" so the stories need to be short and concise. You can email Abby at Abby@SkillScout.me to get her slides about producing inexpensive, high-quality videos for free. You can follow Abby on Twitter at @AbbyNeilson


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Podcast Hosted by Lore Epstein

Produced by John Ogulnik

Audio Engineering by Afotey Odai

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