55 minutes | Mar 9, 2016

The Hidden Treasure Buried in a Turn-Around Situation

No one likes to admit when a turn-around is needed. This happens whether we’re driving a car or running an organization! There’s judgment of self and others for messing up the directions. Time seems wasted, people are waiting and we’re uncertain of the outcome. br Deep within the minefield of a troubled organization, its people are struggling. Battle fatigue. Lost potential. Loss of trust. Defensive posturing. Who’s leading the charge and do we want to follow? br Transforming a company is about finding the people buried in the rubble that rise out of the ashes and contribute to their highest potential. It’s the hidden treasures, when discovered, that can lead the charge to success. br No one knows better than today’s guest, K C Gauldine. K C has been actively involved as a C-Level consultant and interim CEO in turning around businesses who are struggling. With over 30+ years of experience, K C ascribes to the fact that “People are the Bottom Line” and therein lies the solution.
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