55 minutes | Apr 27, 2016

Public Speaking - Guts and Glory

Let’s face it…most of us are very uncomfortable making presentations, reciting that 30-second elevator speech about what we do or making introductions when name recall is not our forte. Then there’s negotiation. It is not as public but equally as gutsy to stake your claim and turn an adamant no into yes or get cooperation from your biggest adversary. These performances and conversations are best left to others more qualified. So we back off from the opportunity to interact with others who would benefit from knowing us, hearing us and gaining from our experience. We limit the possibility of reaching our highest potential when we keep ourselves a secret. Our guest, Elizabeth Kraft Taylor, is an expert in the public conversation. She has sold ideas to the toughest of crowds and gotten around the no’s and the naysayers with great success. Having shaken hands with thousands of people with a thousand names while sailing through the introductions. Tune in and step out!
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